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The Bogojevic Reisen company has a very long tradition in transport of passengers.Zoran Bogojevic, the founder and the director of the company, has started transport of passengers long ago, in 1993, on the line Zurich – Cuprija, with one bus only.

Dealing with all the beginners’ difficulties, which follow this serious activity, the company draws attention to itself with its responsible and correct dealing and a high-graded operation. The number of passengers has grown rapidly so one bus has become insufficient. The fleet has begun to increase, and that is the trend present even today.

Modern buses of a high tourist grade, with all the included comforts, have become the synonym of this company. Along with growth of the demands of tourist agencies, which choose our very buses for transport of their passengers to different destinations all over Europe, we have started transportation in tourist services.Thus, rent of the high-graded buses for different tourist services, has been added to the maintenance of the regular international line.

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BOGOJEVIĆ REISEN GmbH Wyssgasse 9 CH-8004 Zürich
Tel: +41 (0)43 317 12 40    /    Fax: +41 (0)43 317 95 06
Mobile: +41 (0)79 403 22 28    /    +41 (0)79 414 35 82

Info & Reservation:
+41 43 317 12 40
+381 35 8 477 146
+381 35 433 333